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Become a Divine Plan healer in 1 day
No experience needed

No matter where you live, you can become a Divine Plan healer in 1 day. The method is extremely simple and can be learned on location (one-day training) or from a distance (in three parts via Skype or Zoom). You will also receive an attunement and immediately following that you are able to give powerful self-healings to support yourself in your personal growth and evolution. Where and when you want! And you can also give Divine Plan healings to other people. Isn’t that a wonderful present to yourself and those around you?


What else do you receive during the training?

  • The updated manual

You will receive the most recent version of the manual for free, for in-depth information and further studies. This manual is available in English, Dutch and German


  • The attunement to the heart of Mother Earth

In order to work with the Emerald Heart Light we use in the Divine Plan Healing System, you receive a personal attunement. This valuable gift does not only open your heart so you are able to work with the Emerald Heart Light, but also starts off a process that connects your heart with the core of Mother Earth. This unique attunement initiates a grounding and inner process that is unparalleled. For the unfolding of this you get the Emerald Heart essence Initiation (value 28.65 EURO).


  • Healings for your whole life

Because of your personal attunement you have the ability to carry out Divine Plan healings your whole life.


  • Clarity about your own Divine Plan

All Divine Plan Healings you perform on yourself and others, help you on your way to your own blueprint. Your talents, gifs and passions become more clear as does anything that is holding you back to do what you came to the world for. Your own Divine Plan becomes clear.


  • Free Divine Love essences

With your training you receive 2 Divine Love essences (total value 57.30 EURO) to get you started as a Divine Plan healer.


  • Certificate

At the end of your training you receive a certificate of the Divine Plan Healing School as proof that you took the Divine Plan healer training.


  • Mentor sessions

If you decide to become a professional Divine Plan healer, you get the opportunity to enter into a 3-month personal growth period. During this time you practice self-help healings and healings on other people. During this period you take at least 3 mentor session from your Divine Plan teacher. This is for all your questions and to support you in your development as best as possible. The sessions are separate from the payment for your training and are invoiced separately.


  • Second certificate

As soon as you successfully complete the personal growth period, you receive another certificate from the Divine Plan Healing School. With this we acknowledge you as a professional Divine Plan healer.


  • Free Profile

Together with this second certificate you are given the possibility to place your profile on two websites, that of the Divine Plan Healing School and the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment, free of charge.


  • Further training

When you are a professional Divine Plan healer, you can develop yourself further in the Divine Plan Healing System. There are another 2 levels: the training for the advanced healing techniques and the teacher training. Both are again accompanied by a specific attunement, which will contribute to and support your personal and spiritual growth.


The investment for the Divine Plan healing training is 469 EURO including your personal attunement, the manual, 3 essences (value 85.95 EURO), VAT, tea, coffee, snacks and an excellent lunch.

If you want to be sure of a spot, we advise you to make a (non-refundable) down payment of 100 EURO.


Allow yourself to step into your own Divine Plan

UNIQUE Healing System


Ian Mills interviews Harriët Kroon about Mary Magdalene and why the Divine Plan Healing System is for women

Weekly distance healing for 9.99 Euro

Would you like to change something in your life? Take a distance healing. Harriët sends it herself and you can participate as often as you like, sitting in the comfort of your own home. Each Sunday at 8.00 pm (local time), for only 9.99 EURO. Tip: it’s very special to do this with someone else.

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