Practical trainings

A boost for your personal and spiritual growth

Healings that put you in your blueprint

 Training to become a Divine Plan healer

Learn how to work with the Emerald Heart Light

Put yourself in your strength and your love

Simple, pure, fast

 Five dimensional method

Applicable life-long and worldwide

Opens your heart deeper and deeper

Also interesting for Reiki Healers and Masters

Healer in 1 day

Becoming a Divine Plan Healer is simple. Anyone can do it, prior knowledge or experience is not necessary. The training takes 1 day and after that you can give healings to yourself and others. Your whole life long.

Especially for women

The Divine Plan is the Healing System for women. It helps you to step into your blueprint, on to your path and into your power. How? With the pure and comforting love of Mary Magdalene.

Healing that lasts 6 weeks

You can extend every Divine Plan Healing by 6 weeks. With the Divine Love essence your healing becomes the start of a 1.5 months transformation process. This is also unique.

The founder of the school

Harrïët Kroon (the Netherlands) founded the worldwide Divine Plan Healing School in 2016. In addition to being a Lightworker, she is also Principal Light Carrier of The Emerald Heart Light.