Harriët Kroon

The Founder of the Divine Plan Healing School

Harriët Kroon is the passionate founder of the Divine Plan Healing School and Principal Light Carrier of The Emerald Heart Light. She offers healing trainings and you can also receive healings from her, on location and from a distance.

Apart from Dutch, Harriët is fluent in English and understands German, French and Spanish

Path of life

Via a degree in Cultural Anthropology (MA), the post-doctorate training in journalism and a career as a journalist, editor and author, Harriët ended up in a personal crisis. ‘My breakdown became my break through,’ she summarises. Looking back it all gained momentum. I received Reiki initiations and worked as a Reiki Master. After that I took an intensive course at the internationally renowned therapist training Barbara Brennan School of Healing, where I learned extremely advanced hands on healing techniques for five years. Next I became passionate about ThetaHealing® and I also became a ThetaHealer. Not until I found the Emerald Heart Light did my search end. I came home.’


All of Harriët’s therapies are performed according to the regulations and professional ethics of the VVET (Verbond Van Energetische Therapeuten), a Dutch professional organisation for energy workers. Harriët is also registered with Quasir (a Dutch centre of expertise for complaints, calamities and disputes in the care and welfare sector).

The Divine Plan Healing School is registered with the Dutch Central Registry for Short Professional Education (CRKBO).

UNIQUE Healing System

Podcast Divine Plan Healing

Ian Mills interviews Harriët Kroon about Mary Magdalene and why the Divine Plan Healing System is for women