Accessories charged with Spiritual Light

Unique accessories, beautiful and beneficial

All our accessories carry a spiritual Light that gently opens your heart and evolves your consciousness. This means that when you wear our scarf, pendant or earrings you always have the support of the Light with you.

Exclusive scarf, transmitter of The Mary Magdalene Light

Exceptional scarf with images that transmit The Mary Magdalene Light, to uplift you at any time. With the vibrant Flower of Life background you’ve got an eye-catching ‘must-have’ for all seasons. 

Our elegant, exclusive scarf is

  • a blend of 70% cotton and 30% silk to provide a light and luxuriant touch
  • large and luxurious: 63 x 160 centimetres, 25 x 63 inches
  • washable.

Its transparency captures The Mary Magdalene Light, wrapping you in Her Rays. The vibrant colours are visible on both sides, exuding love. You can wear our beautiful scarf in countless variations depending on your mood or your needs at that time.

The Mary Magdalene Scarf

Unique gemstones charged with Spiritual Light

Emeralds with The Emerald Heart Light

All our emeralds are charged with The Emerald Heart Light, which is the masculine aspect of the Christ Light. It helps to open your heart and to connect you with the truth of who you are inside the core of your heart. The emerald gemstone promotes authenticity, honesty, openness in relationships and being in harmony with nature. It soothes, cleanses and brings quiet.

Pink Sapphires with The Mary Magdalene Light

All our pink sapphires are charged with The Mary Magdalene Light, which is the feminine aspect of the Christ Light. This Light is mothering, nurturing, calming and soothing. It also effectively elevates your Self-Love. The pink sapphire gemstone works on the heart chakra, clears emotional blocks, brings joy and unconditional love. It’s known as the stone of wisdom and insight.

Superior quality

True gemstones set in genuine sterling silver

Designed for long-lasting enjoyment

All gemstones are set in solid 925 Sterling silver and finished with a fine layer of Rhodium (sometimes called white gold) to prevent the material from tarnishing. So year after year, your jewellery will remain beautiful.

Nourished in a pure environment

Our emeralds and sapphires are cultured. This means they were cultivated in a laboratory in a pure environment more powerful than stones found in nature. Because of their purity they can store an incredible amount of Light.

The emerald earrings I received are of very good quality crystal. They are a lovely delicate colour, but most of all is the lovely vibration they carry. When I am not wearing them I hang them through small angels at my window and they bring in beautiful rainbows when the sun catches them.
– Annette, United Kingdom

Just to tell you that I am very happy with the big sized earrings. I have the impression that they are more effective than the pendant which I have been wearing for months now. They seem to keep my busy mind at bay being on each side of the head 😉.
– Monika, Switzerland

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