Step 2

Advanced techniques for Divine Plan healers
With extra attunement

When you have become a professional Divine Plan Healer, there is the possibility to develop yourself further in the Divine Plan Healing System. You can take two extra courses to learn the advanced healing techniques (1 day) and to become a teacher (1 day). With both courses you receive a unique attunement. These attunements are the icing on the cake for you as a healer. They were received recently from the Source and are completely different than those in other healing forms. Your personal and spiritual growth will gain momentum. Are you also ready to step even further into your blueprint?


What will you receive in this second training?

  • Free updated, second manual

You receive the most recent version of the second manual for in-depth information and further studies, free of charge. This is available in Dutch and English.


  • The unique, second attunement

During the second attunement your heart is connected with the Divine Masculine aspect and the Divine Feminine aspect of the Source.
– This promotes the healing of your masculine and feminine facets
– Your own, individual Divine Plan becomes even clearer to you
– In addition, your Divine Plan healings will become faster, more powerful and more effective


  • Advanced healing techniques

You learn how to give
– distance healings,
– group healings,
– healings for events in the present, past and future

Distance healing offers you the possibility to work with anyone in the world, no matter where you or the other person are. In Divine Plan group healings you can give all the participants an individual healing, simultaneously. This is extremely unique! With healings for events you can support all kinds of occasions, e.g. a job interview, examination, funeral, wedding, etc.


  • Understanding of the Universal Laws

You will learn about the Universal Laws which are not man made but originate from the Source. These Laws of the Divine rule our lives like a strongly flowing river of Love. Understanding them and aligning with them will enable you to let your life flow.


  • Free essences

You receive 3 different Emerald Heart essences to support the unfolding of your attunement.

  • Certificate

At the end of your training you receive a certificate of the Divine Plan Healing School as proof that you took the advanced Divine Plan healing techniques training.


  • Mentor sessions

If you decide to become a professional advanced Divine Plan Healer, you get the opportunity to enter into a 3-month personal growth period. During this time you practice the advanced healing techniques. During this period you take at least 3 mentor session from your Divine Plan teacher. This is for all your questions and to support you in your development as best as possible. The sessions are separate from the payment for your training and are invoiced separately.


  • Second Certificate

As soon as you successfully complete the personal growth period, you receive another certificate from the Divine Plan Healing School. With this we acknowledge you as a professional advanced Divine Plan healer.


  • Free update of your profile

Together with this second certificate you are given the possibility to update your profile on the website of the Divine Plan Healing School and that of the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment. This is of course free of charge.


  • Further training

When you are a professional advanced Divine Plan healer, you can develop yourself further in the Divine Plan Healing System. There is one last level: the teacher training.


Quality assurance

As a quality assurance this second training (and also the teacher training) is only on invitation. This means that we only select active Divine Plan healers. Active means working with the Emerald Heart Light on a regular basis by means of healings for yourself and others.



The investment for the Advanced healing techniques for Divine Plan healers is 669.- Euro including your personal attunement, the manual, 3 essences and VAT.