What are the advantages of
becoming a Divine Plan healer?

Divine Plan healings are very simple to do and you can learn how you can give yourself and other people a healing in 1 day.

  • No prior knowledge or experience whatsoever necessary
  • For absolute beginners but also for advanced healers
  • You can receive the training and attunement also via Skype (in 3 parts)

As a Divine Plan healer you get so much more:

The grounding attunement

During the 1 day workshop you receive an attunement to strengthen your relationship with Mother Earth and in particular to strengthen your grounding. Your personal and spiritual development will be boosted as well. Many people state that the attunement is life changing, and all receivers are extremely grateful for it. It gives you clarity about and focus in your life, surfaces hidden talents and connects you with your life mission(s).

Healings for the rest of your life

Because of this attunement you will become part of the Path of Light. This is a unique path, directly from and connected to the Source. It is a totally different concept from, for example, Reiki. Because of this Path of Light you can work with the Emerald Heart Light always and everywhere. This means that you can give healings your whole life long. To yourself and to others.

Work in the Fifth Dimension

The Emerald Heart Light is pure love and intelligence from the Source. It comes from the Fifth Dimension, the most profound level of our existence where all is one and consciousness. This means that anything you give a Divine Plan Healing to will be transformed up to and including the Fifth Dimension. You therefore work deeper than just at healing level: you also work on your own soul’s evolution. This makes Divine Plan Healings so powerful and transformative. They leave older healing methods far behind them.

The step after ‘hands on’ healing

Divine Plan Healing is a system with which you can give healings without using your body and hands as a channel. Because of this you cannot become drained or exhausted. This makes it the natural next step for ‘hands on’ healers such as Reiki Masters.

Divine Plan healers remain strong

Because you work with the Emerald Heart light, you cannot exhaust yourself energetically and also not accidentally pick up or transfer dark energies. This Light is so pure that you also don’t need to clean the space in which you give a Divine Plan healing afterwards.

Always support for yourself

Each time you feel unbalanced or need support, you can get your life back into flow by doing a Divine Plan Self-Healing. Your whole life!

You get growth potential

If you wish to grow further as a Divine Plan healer, you can. With the assistance of a minimum of 3 mentor sessions and a number of practice cases you can become a professional healer. This is followed by another two training levels. In the second training you learn how to give distance healings to groups and for situations. This way you can serve anyone everywhere in the world. In the third training you become a Divine Plan teacher and you yourself can train healers.

The Divine Plan Community

Already after your first Divine Plan training you are invited to take part in the private Divine Plan community on Facebook. Here you can exchange experiences and ask questions to your colleagues.


 Empower yourself with Divine Plan healing