CALENDAR 2019 – 2020

Every Sunday: distance healing for 9.99 euro

In the comfort of your own home, on vacation or business trip – you can receive a supportive healing in your own comfortable environment. Every Sunday evening Harriët sends these herself and each time the feedback is amazing. You book your healing by simply transferring €9.99. You immediately receive a text explaining how to receive your healing. On Sunday evening at 8pm local time (this applies worldwide) you lie down and make sure you don’t get disturbed until approximately 9pm. You may set an intention, but you don’t need to.

Participate as often as you like.


PACKAGE DEAL:  €5.- discount on healing + essence

In order to prolong and deepen your Sunday evening healing by six weeks, you simply take the Divine Love essence. Immediately after your healing you start with the intake of your essence (three drops a day in a little water) until your bottle is empty. We offer our highly appreciated Divine Love essence in this combination with a €5 discount, including postage. This means that you only pay €37,94 Euro for a healing of six weeks long! Don’t hesitate and take advantage of this package deal.


Would you prefer a VIP-healing with personal attention and advice from Harriët herself? That too is possible. The fee is €149,95 and it includes the preliminary talk, the Divine Love essence, postage and four weeks later a 10 minute follow up session.

As you can see, the Divine Plan Healing School offers healings for every budget and all needs.


More calendar 2019 – 2020:

Tue. 22 October    ♥   The Mary Magdalene Light Transmission   Receive at home
Sun. 27 October   ♥   Mary Magdalene Light Circle   In Amsterdam
Fri. 1 November   ♥   Divine Plan Healing Training   In Amsterdam, English spoken
1-22 December   ♥   The 22 Rays of The Mary Magdalene Light   Email Program
On request   ♥   Divine Plan Healing Training   Online video, remote training
On request   ♥   Divine Plan Healing Training   Online or in Amsterdam, Munich or Ireland
19-24 March 2020  ♥   Divine Feminine Retreat in Israel with Harriët Kroon   Walking in the footsteps of Mary Magdalene


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Tue. 22 October   ♥  The Mary Magdalene Light Transmission
Receive nurturing Light at home

💕 The magic of Mary Magdalene’s Light…have you experienced it? 💕 

Mary Magdalene’s Light helps you:
💖 Heal and cultivate your self-love
💖 Awaken your inner feminine power
💖 Receive nurturing, mothering Light

Here’s your next chance 👉 http://bit.ly/MMLT22


Sun. 27 October   ♥   Mary Magdalene Light Circle
In Amsterdam, Dutch/English

Meditative healing event in The Mary Magdalene Light. Harriët Kroon will guide the afternoon whilst your heart will drink in this pure, evolutionary feminine Light. No experience with healing or The Mary Magdalene Light needed. Tea and snacks are included.

The Mary Magdalene Light is supportive in many ways. It helps you:
– connect with your core
– embrace Self-Love and worthiness
– embrace your feminine qualities
– connect with Mother Earth
– connect with the Divine Feminine God Consciousness

Location  Studio Osteopathie Karssen, Veemarkt 200, Amsterdam
Time  The Light Circle takes place from 2.30pm until 4.30pm
Exchange  €25,-
Registration  use the webshop of The Divine Plan Healing School
Questions  email us
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Fri. 1 Nov.  ♥  Divine Plan Healing Training
In Amsterdam, English spoken, by Harriët herself

Learn to give yourself and others Divine Plan Healings with the Emerald Heart Light and the Love and Wisdom of Mary Magdalene. This training will be given by Harriët Kroon, the Mother of the Divine Plan Healing System. It will be the last opportunity to get trained by her before we enter 2020. So be quick and grab this opportunity!
This modern and fifth dimensional healing system can be used for anything really, like letting go of negative beliefs, unhealthy patterns and to bring your life into flow. It also helps you to (re)connect with your Divine Purpose: your blueprint, your individual life path and your life mission.
Are you ready to unlock Your Divine Plan and bring more flow into your life?
Find all training details here.

Harriët is looking forward to teaching you and to attune you into the Path of Light.

Questions? Send an email.

1-22 December   ♥   The 22 Rays of The Mary Magdalene Light 
Fill your December Days with Light. Email Program

The 22 RAYS is a unique email program designed for you to drink in The Mary Magdalene Light, the purest of pure feminine Spiritual Light. Each morning you receive an email that delivers The Ray of The Day, one special quality of The Mary Magdalene Light. As soon as you open it, your heart will receive a boost of uplifting and healing Light!

The 22 RAYS  works a bit like an advent calendar. In three weeks we build up to the peak: the 24-hours Mary Magdalene Light Transmission on the 22nd of December, Solstice Day. If you are seeking growth and healing in one of the following themes, then The 22 RAYS is for you.

💖 Fill Inner Emptiness with Nurturing Love
Awaken Hidden Feminine Qualities
💖 Align with the Divine Feminine Forces
💖 Heal Patriarchal Woundings
💖 Heal and Cultivate Self-Love
💖 Clear Negative Energies from Your Aura 

Information & registration 👉 http://bit.ly/The22Rays

On request  ♥  Divine Plan Healing Training 
With live, online video by Harriët herself

A unique opportunity to be trained by Harriët herself in the Divine Plan Healing System! In this training you receive a grounding attunement to be able to work with the Emerald Heart Light. From that moment on you can give healings to yourself and others. Our method is simple, pure and efficient. No prior knowledge required. Harriët offers the training in English (Dutch is also possible, but then we will need to pick other dates).

Online video  We will use Skype video. 
Investment € 469. – including your personal initiation, the manual, 3 essences (value € 76.53), VAT. You can reserve your spot by paying € 100. -. 
More information Check all details
Registration Harriët, welcome@divineplanhealingschool.org, 06 4645 8763.
Questions? More information needed? Would you like to be on our mailing list? Contact us: welcome@divineplanhealingschool.org or +31 (0)6 4645 8763.

On request  ♥  Divine Plan Healing Training, online or in Amsterdam, Munich, Ireland
The tool to become one with your blueprint

You can be trained on location (1 day) or online (with Skype or Zoom; 3 slots of app. 2 hours). In this training you will receive an attunement that provides you with the grounding you need to do work with the Emerald Heart Light. From that moment onwards you can give Divine Plan Healings to yourself and others. The method is easy, fast and pure. No foreknowledge needed. Step into your blueprint, on your path and into your power with Divine Plan Healing! Send an email and together we will find (a) date(s) that suits you best.
Locations Amsterdam (the Netherlands), Munich (Germany), Kildare (Ireland), or at the comfort of your home.
Languages Dutch, English or German.
Time Start at app. 09.45am and finish latest at 6pm. The other option is 3 slots of app. 2 to 2.5 hours via online video on 3 different days.
Investment €469.-  including your personal attunement, the manual, 3 essences (value 76,53 Euro), VAT, tea, coffee, snacks. You can reserve your place by making a deposit of €100.-.
More info Check all details
The Netherlands: Harriët Kroon, tel. +31 (0)6 4645 8763.
Germany: Alexandra Meyn, tel.+49 (0)8980 072 472.
Ireland: Mary Gallagher, tel. +353 (0)877 813 844.
Questions? Do you need more information? Would you like to be on our mailing list? For any question, please contact us by email or call tel. +31 (0)6 4645 8763.

19-24 March 2020   ♥   Divine Feminine Retreat with Harriët Kroon, Israël
Walking in the footsteps of Mary Magdalene

Unique, English-spoken retreat at Lake Tiberias (Sea of Galilee) with Harriët Kroon, channel of Mary Magdalene’s Light. With the help of this healing Light we connect with various aspects of the Divine Feminine. We will also make trips, e.g. to the place where Mary Magdalene lived and other locations where she followed Yeshua. Women only. The Divine Plan Healing School is not aligned with any religion, is not a religion itself and is open to all. We offer tools for personal and spiritual development and this retreat is dedicated to our individual connection with the Divine Feminine within ourselves and around us. Further information about this retreat will follow.
Registration, questions  send us an email


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Ian Mills interviews Harriët Kroon about Mary Magdalene and why the Divine Plan Healing System is for women

Weekly distance healing for 9.99 Euro

Would you like to change something in your life? Take a distance healing. Harriët sends it herself and you can participate as often as you like, sitting in the comfort of your own home. Each Sunday at 8.00 pm (your local time), for only 9,99 EURO. Tip: it’s very special to do this together with someone else.

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Package Deal: €5 discount

In order to prolong and deepen your Sunday evening healing by 6 weeks, we offer the Divine Love essence with a €5 discount. You now only pay €37,94 for this combination. Don’t hesitate and take advantage of this offer!

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