The Healing System for women

The Divine Feminine is calling

We live in the Time of the Goddess, the era of the awakening of the Divine Feminine consciousness. The pure Divine Feminine wishes to return to Earth through the opening of women’s consciousness and the awakening of the feminine aspects within men. She wants to bring balance to the planet and she can only do so if you listen to her call to heal your feminine woundings – from this lifetime, all your other lifetimes or of the lifetimes of your feminine ancestors. The pure Divine Feminine can only rise when the distorted feminine energy within you is recognized, embraced, cleared and healed.


The pain of being a woman

All women carry the pain of being a woman, some are aware of this and others are not (yet). These woundings emanate from the pain and frustration of centuries and centuries of suppression, control and being looked down upon, which has caused many issues in women. Most of our mothers were not able to give us what we needed, because they themselves did not receive the input, encouragement and feedback from a mother who was fully in her power. This was primarily because her mother and all mothers in the ancestral line before her were not allowed to grow and rise to power in society.

Women have been moulded into roles and positions that have not allowed their natural feminine aspects to flower. Consequently they have adopted many negative images around self-worth, sexuality and their needs to the point where many struggle with worthiness, stepping into their true blueprint, and into their natural pathway of inner feminine power.


Whether you like it or not,

the light of this new age of truth

will bring your women’s woundings to the surface


Which themes do you recognize in yourself?

Many non-supportive ways of looking at yourself are rising in you, in order to be healed. The pain of being a women expresses itself in many different ways. See do you recognise any of the following themes in yourself:



  • Do you find it difficult to be loyal to yourself, your needs; your longings?
  • Are you overworked or do you experience burn-out?
  • Do you find it difficult to set your boundaries?



  • Are you insecure?
  • Do you have an innate belief of not being good enough?
  • Do you keep yourself smaller than you are?
  • Do you have fears around stepping into your power?
  • Do you perhaps feel ashamed of stepping into your true potential?



  • Are you uncertain about your physical body, the way it functions or looks?
  • Is sexuality a difficult subject for you?
  • Have you experienced sexual harassment or worse?



  • How is your relationship with your mother?
  • Do you have difficulties with grounding or connecting with the Earth Mother?
  • Do you have difficulties being confident or present in the world?


As a women, the chances are that you have recognised some of them in yourself. All these issues are part of the pain of being a woman. They are based on a few false assumptions about who you really are and who you have the potential to be. Perhaps you recognise some of them: 

  • I am not good enough
  • I have to struggle with everything
  • I am not safe
  • I am not a good person
  • I am worthless

Healing your pain with the Divine Plan Healing System

The Divine Plan Healing System was given by Mary Magdalene to help you step into your blueprint, onto your path and into your power.

Many women have shared their experiences of working with the Divine Plan Healing System with us. Again and again we see that the Divine Plan Healing System is very effective at helping to let go of persistent habits, worries and all kinds of negative thoughts, beliefs and patterning. The Emerald Heart Light can also support you in dealing with difficult emotions and to gain more self-confidence.


Open your heart for your true potential

Divine Plan healing opens your heart at a very deep level to reveal the truth of who you really are. With every healing that you receive or give as a Divine Plan healer (to yourself or to others), this gentle but powerful Light connects you ever deeper with your heart. The more connected you become with yourself and the truth in your heart, the more you will be able to live your own individual truth and rise to attain your true potential.


Are you ready to step into your own individual feminine blueprint?