Step 3

Divine Plan teacher training
Become part of the forefront

As an active advanced Divine Plan healer you are welcome to become a Divine Plan teacher. This third and last training (1 day) has a gigantic potential. Because this healing system is young (late 2013) and received for the many awakening souls in this era, many Divine Plan teachers are needed. Everywhere in the world, as far as Australia and New Zealand, people are becoming interested in Divine Plan healing. This offers you a unique chance to attune your own students, in your own Path of Light. Because the Divine Plan Healing System is so simple, it absolutely has the potential to become as big and widespread as Reiki. We are happy to welcome you at the forefront.


What do you receive during the teacher training?

  • The teacher’s manual

You get the most recent version of the teacher’s manual free of charge.


  • The unique, third attunement

This unprecedented attunement offers you exactly what you need as a Divine Plan teacher.
– You will become an ever stronger bridge between heaven (the Universe, the Masculine) and earth (the Mother, the Feminine)
– Your masculine and feminine aspects will be invited to transform into unity, as in the Source, so that you can step into your Divine Self at the deepest level
– Your Divine Plan healings become even faster, more powerful and more effective. Hard to imagine, but it happens!


  • Teacher skills

In these two days you will learn many skills you need as a Divine Plan teacher:
– Giving Divine Plan trainings for beginners (Step 1)
– Teaching advanced healing techniques to Divine Plan healers (Step 2)
– Giving 2 kinds of Emerald Heart attunements
– Giving Divine Plan mentor sessions


  • Free essences

You receive 4 different Emerald Heart essences to support the unfolding of your third attunement.


  • Certificate

At the end of your training you receive a certificate of the Divine Plan Healing School as proof that you took the Divine Plan teacher training.


  • Mentor sessions

To support you as best as possible in your development as a Divine Plan teacher, you enter into a personal growth period of at least 3 months. During this time you practice as a teacher. During this period you take a minimum of 3 mentor sessions from your Divine Plan teacher. The sessions are separate from the payment for your training and are invoiced separately.


  • Second certificate

As soon as you successfully complete the personal growth period, you receive another certificate from the Divine Plan Healing School. With this we acknowledge you as a professional Divine Plan teacher.


  • Free update of your profile

Together with this third certificate you are given the possibility to update your profile on the website of the Divine Plan Healing School and that of the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment. This is of course free of charge.


Quality assurance

As a quality assurance this third training is only on invitation. This means that we only select active advanced Divine Plan healers. Active means working with the Emerald Heart Light on a regular basis by means of healings for yourself and others.



The investment for the Divine Plan teacher training is 1.995,- Euro including your personal attunement, the manual, 4 essences and VAT.


Become a Divine Plan teacher and be of great importance to awakening people