Ervaringen met Maria Magdalena

Nederlands- en Engelstalig

Key ‘explained’?

Last night I asked Maria Magdalena for a sign, to confirm if she really exists. This morning this key was lying on the floor in front om my feet when I went to the bathroom…
No idea how it got there.
I think I’ve got the message!
What now? My heart has been beating like an overheated engine most of the day.


Edna, Sweden

Coming home

My experience with the Divine Feminine aspect of the healing process has felt like coming home, to a place where I am known and welcomed, where I am no longer wrong, and where my individuality is seen and understood.

I easily connect with the Mary Magdalene aspect of the energy, which I can feel very tangibly during all of the sessions.  I have for so long felt my Being as a woman is subtly dishonoured on this planet by the existing status quo.  I so long for my feminine nature to be fully expressed and seen, and through being able to share these aspects of myself safely, I feel I and many others can experience a refreshing peace which means we are no longer striving to be perfect, but beginning to realise and accept our true immensity. 


Alyss, England

Kom naar de rand


‘Kom naar de rand,’ zei Zij.
‘We kunnen niet, we zijn bang!’ reageerden ze.
‘Kom naar de rand,’ zei Zij.
‘We durven niet, wij zullen vallen!’ reageerden ze.
‘Kom naar de rand,’ zei Zij.
Ze kwamen.
Zij duwde hen.
En ze vlogen.

‘Kom naar de rand.’
‘Ik kan niet, ik ben bang!’
‘Kom naar de rand.’
‘Ik durf niet, ik zal vallen!’
‘Kom naar de rand.’
Ik kwam.
Zij duwde mij.
En ik vloog.


Channeling van Maria Magdalena geïnspireerd door Guillaume Apollinaire. Harriët Kroon, 2 juli 2017

UNIEK in Nederland

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Ian Mills interviewt Harriët Kroon over Maria Magdalena en waarom het Divine Plan Healing Systeem voor vrouwen is

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