Ervaringen met Divine Plan Zelfhulp Healingen

Nederlands- en Engelstalig

Moving house is effortless

The magic is already unfolding. The whole thing with our relocation is taking up speed. With the help of Divine Plan self healings I keep my faith in the whole process and it keeps rewarding me. Instead of paying three months of double rent we can move out within one month, and we can even postpone our start date by two weeks, so we only pay two weeks of double rent. And I also already booked a guy who will paint our old apartment, and the new one, and I booked a very affordable relocation assistance. The universe takes care!!! Now I ‘only’ need to throw excess stuff out and pack everything. I even ordered the boxes already. Totally surprised what happened organizing today while I had 10 hours of patient consultations….
A big hug for you, beloved Harriet. Thanks for you being my Light faucet!

Claudia, Germany

Onze bedrijven lopen opeens beter

De eerste onderwerpen waar ik hulp voor vroeg was mijn nek en ook het loslaten van negativiteit. Ik had al verschillende healingen op mezelf gedaan, toen ik opeens een enorme vrijlating van negativiteit ervoer. Dit duurde meerdere weken. Ik weet nog steeds niet precies wat het behelsde, maar het leek op een opeenstapeling van angst en onveiligheidsgevoelens. Waarschijnlijk uit dit en andere levens.

Ik ervoer het als drama, maar het loslaten van al die negativiteit bracht mijn vibratie meteen omhoog. Sinds deze ervaring heb ik meer klanten en is mijn inkomen dus omhoog gegaan! Ik ontmoette opeens een chiropractor en omdat ik het nu kan betalen neem ik regelmatig behandelingen. Dit is voor mijn nek/ruggengraat, een oud probleem van me. En heel interessant, mijn mans zaken gaan opeens ook steeds beter!

Jenny Murrell, Engeland

Optimistisch na elke zelfhealing

Het is me opgevallen dat Divine Plan Zelfhealingen elke keer weer anders zijn. Maar ik kom altijd met een gevoel van vredig optimisme uit een sessie.

N. N., Nederland

Amazing experience in nature

This afternoon, I witnessed a Divine Plan session for myself, sitting on a rock at the river Birs, close to my home. It was a deep and amazing experience to sit there and to become one with Mother Earth. The Energy flow was very strong and I felt wrapped in a wonderful, caring energy. It was like Mother is hugging me. I was in a protected space and completely alone in this fabulous place. A wonderful opportunity to listen to Mother Earth.

Whenever you have the possibility to witness a Divine Plan session for yourself in Nature – just do it.

Florence Zumbihl, Switzerland

Weer levendig en blij

Sinds een paar dagen voelde ik me zo zwaar en moe, er was veel oude energie die niet uit mij weg wilde. Ik dacht opeens: ‘Ik doe een Divine Plan Zelfhealing’. Doel: de oorzaak van mijn vermoeidheid wegnemen. Guess what, ik voel me weer levendig en blij! De healing haalde die zware energie weg. I love Divine Plan Healings!

H.K., Amsterdam

Every session will bring you closer to God and your Divine Self

I thought I’d write about one of the most amazing sessions I had when I witnessed a healing for myself. I felt twinges in the back of my left shoulder and left thigh and I felt as if my heart was having things torn out of it. It was if a piece of steel was inserted into my head to access my pituitary gland. I felt movement down my central channel and frenetic movements across the tops of my thighs. I then felt a tightening and releasing of my left foot, buttock and arm. My body was pinned to the bed. I just could not move.

Intense sensations continued down the left hand side of my body, then I started to feel a cocooning of energies in the right hand side as well, though these energies were not as intense as on the left. An integration of energies perhaps? Then the energies began to build and build, so much so my body was vibrating. It was so powerful. I heard a voice telling me that every session will bring you closer to God and your Divine Self. I was amazed. Then everything shifted and I experienced a very gentle energy around me.

I felt so different after the session, so calm and centred. There was an incredible peace and stillness within. All my feelings of grief and pain had subsided. I knew something had shifted on a deep, deep level.

Lynne Shaw, New York, USA

De relatie met mijn dochter van 3 is verdiept

Ik hou ervan om Divine Plan Zelfhealingen te doen. ’s Avonds laat werkt helaas niet voor mij, want het Licht stroomt zo overvloedig dat ik er wakker van wordt. Ik doe nu elke ochtend een healing, meteen na het ontwaken. Gisterochtend om half zes heb ik een sessie gedaan en vanochtend om half zeven. Het maakt me klaar voor de dag. De positieve veranderingen zijn zo merkbaar! Bijvoorbeeld, mij relatie met m’n driejarige dochter is dieper geworden doordat mijn hart opener wordt. En het valt me op dat allerlei angsten wegvallen na het doen van enkele sessies.

Ian Mills, Stockholm, Sweden

In these challenging times, we need Divine Plan Healing

I have been diligently practicing the Divine Plan healing sessions on myself. On every occasion, I physically experience the Light entering me, usually, initially as a sharp needle like feeling in the crown of my head, this light then filters down from that point, being more noticeable in certain areas, until it has suffused my whole body.  There comes a point that my awake state changes, so that I go into a very deep place. When I begin to regain awareness, it’s as though time has stood still. It is difficult to pinpoint how this healing light works, except I know that it has, and does! The issues I have been identifying are shifting, and my life with it.

Inevitably, using this system shifts the energy patterns from within us, and a certain amount of discord can become apparent in day to day living, however, coming through this is part of the healing process. Once I was feeling very sad, and I sat and did a Divine Plan Healing, to help shift the feelings, and in no time at all that emotion had disappeared, I felt calm and balanced. The help is always there.

In these challenging times, we have a very real need to delve deeply into our unconscious mind, to release old energy patterns. The Emerald Heart Divine Plan Healing system, is a gift to each and every person, whose soul is lucky enough to find it. In the light of truth, I highly recommend this.

Kahren Thriscutt, New Zealand

Surrounded by this deep feeling of love protecting me

I felt guided to write (poetry) and then do a Divine Plan Healing early this morning (I am awake at 5.30 writing). It is a beautiful morning. It is peaceful and quiet. The sun is shining. The sky is cloudless and cornflower blue. I am tempted to go outside, but the breeze is just too chilly, so I sit in my lounge with the door open listening to the birds singing while I write my intention for today’s healing, which is to remove tension and attract an abundance of abundance. (My counselling session identified my fear of abundance). During the healing my heart was pounding and I could feel the energy predominantly in my crown chakra, but in other areas too. But as usual when the session ended I felt at peace and surrounded by this deep feeling of love protecting me. And it feels as though nothing can touch me. I am safe. I am detached from all the drama in my life. I can just let go and be.

C. M., England

Support with anything I ask for

I am very grateful for the opportunity to be able to work with the Divine Plan Healings, as I have found they work really well for me. I have tried using it in lots of situations, and I have found it is possible to apply it to anything that is important for my flow and development. For example, I asked for help with a public speech I had to give; the speech flowed really well and was well received. I also asked for help when I was feeling stuck with writing a new book, and again this has brought a great sense of flow, and I cannot find enough time to write down all the material that is arriving.

Generally I have found it is important to be quite specific in my requests, and they are often followed through swiftly and in quite unpredictable ways, through situations opening up and changing that I have no control over. For example I asked for help with a difficult meeting at work, when I wanted to change my terms of employment. As I anxiously settled into the meeting with my employer, I found she was offering me the exact terms I wanted to request from her.

Many times I have also asked for general support with getting through situations or making changes, and I feel this has brought invisible support and resources which have brought more ease and lightness.

Alyss Thomas, Plymouth, Devon, United Kingdom

Divine Plan Poem

In quiet expectation I wait, my mind a busy forum.
The rent of emotions my heavy load,
my heart its cluttered boardroom.
Oh, so gently I sense the light pour in to rescue me.
Of emerald green and vibrant pink, amid a glistening sea.

Gladly you wait and watch, to see my clear intent,
to delve yet more deeply into sufferance and regret.
I loosen the long held captives one by one, watching as
they pass me by, and feel the weight of fear subside,
I float, I laugh, I cry.

Such special times we live within, our Grace restored not hidden.
Oh Divine Plan of Heaven from where our sufferance is riven,
we bow to you, our hope once more reborn, our Soul’s at last, can soar..

The target of the healing was to calm myself down from a very emotional state of being.

Kahren Thriscutt, New Zealand, 15-2-2015

The Divine Plan Healing tool is
the easiest I’ve ever come across

I really enjoyed myself on the Divine Plan training day and I feel blessed to be part of such a wonderful tool. I have learnt a lot of healing techniques over the years (EFT, Ho’oponopono, ThetaHealing, Human Software Engineering) and the Divine Plan is the easiest so far. I also think it’s the most profound and astonishingly I have no resistance to doing self-healing! It’s very exciting!

V., Groot-Brittannië

It helped me 100%

I had a reflexology treatment the other day, and had such an emotional release afterwards, that I had to do a Divine Plan self-healing session. The 7 Heavenly Steps were a mess, crying is not conducive to a smooth delivery… LoL. Anyway, it helped me 100%, removing the deep sadness I was feeling, and improving my very painful right hip and sacrum.


Divine Plan Healings: easy and illuminating rituals

It is great to have found an “easy ritual” or possibility like Divine Plan healings to illuminate life and be able to step on a spiritual path so effectively. I’m looking forward to walk this path for the rest of my life, at least of this one :-).

Ingo, Switzerland

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