Experiences from Divine Plan healers


Much more love inside my heart

I am very thankful to be attuned by Alexandra Meyn in this great Healing System and also the Emerald Heart Light last year. Since I am working with it, I feel like ‘coming home’. There are many more feelings and much more love inside my heart since I’ve started my path with Divine Plan Healing and Emerald Heart.

I am really grateful to be a part of the Divine Plan Healer community. And I am looking forward to bring more love in my heart and in the heart of my clients and other people.

There is so much more inside of me that would like to be lived. I will continue to follow my heart, with deep faith in myself and this wonderful Light.

Verena Kaupp, Germany

I am dissolving the cause of my skin issues

Done 6 self healings so far and loving the energy, I had been sneezing for 6 weeks with a continuous runny nose and I targeted 3 self healings to dissolve the cause. On the third I had a breakthrough which was triggered by being fed up of continuously feeling like I had to explain why I still had problems with it and I was shown a movie of my life backwards from now till when I sold the shop etc and how much I had been living outside my comfort zone & stress with constant skin issues along the way. I had a release for two hours and it’s a lot better, just sensitive to lot of smells.

I’m on dissolving the cause of skin conditions now, so surrendering to that now.

Many blessings,

Nicky, New Zealand

I have got the perfect new job!

I have some news. Eight weeks ago, in our mentoring session I asked you about the Emerald Heart Light not working on finding a new job. You told me to give room to the Light… and voilà, I have now a new job! It is exactly what I was looking for. Interesting is, that I’m hearing often, maybe you too, when the Emerald Heart Light helps, that people say they “got exactly what they were looking for”.

Angelica, Germany

I learned to give Divine Plan healings at age 84

Today I witnessed another Divine Plan healing. And yes, I let my client pay. She came back for a second helping, since she experienced a lot of positive change after her first Divine Plan healing six weeks ago. I saw and felt the changes in her energies. Awesome. It also gave a boost to my self-confidence.

Every time I do a Divine Plan self-healing I’m asking for help to make a difference in people’s lives, not only during healing, but just by being around. What a joyful game!

Looking back, I can hardly believe I did this bus ride all the way from Malmö, Sweden to Amsterdam, The Netherlands by myself at age 84 to learn to give Divine Plan healings – it was worth the effort!!!!

Edna Hinnerson, Ystad, Zweden

Bruno the Cat is not afraid of the rain anymore

Whenever it rained hard and made a noise on the roof of the house, Bruno would become scared, rush outside and stay there until it had stopped raining. He was given a Divine Plan Healing session (done using a photograph of the cat) and the usual essence course (put either in his food or stroked into his fur on the back of the neck). Over time he has become much more relaxed about the rain and prefers to stay inside and watch it now.

Phil Grant, Bruno’s human. Henfield, West Sussex, United Kingdom

Divine Plan Healing is the best tool

The Divine Plan Training was amazing and I feel blessed to be able to use this tool myself now. Over the years I acquired quite a few healing techniques (EFT, Ho’oponopono, ThetaHealing, Human Software Engineering) and Divine Plan Healing is the easiest. I also think it’s the most profound one. Amazingly enough I have no resistance at all to doing self-healings. I’m so thrilled with it!

P., Groot-Brittannië

Thank you

I want to thank you for bringing the Divine Plan Healing and light into my life and for all your advice and support. You are a great teacher Harriët.

God Bless

I saw green light

Yesterday I gave my first Divine Plan Healing to a client (volunteer). To my utter amazement I saw green light all around her head.


Positive changes in my clients’ lives

In working with clients, I have found they develop and receive benefits and positive changes in their lives directly after the sessions, but it is not always clear to them that this was brought about by the healing sessions, as the results flow in unpredictable and gentle ways that work within the client’s existing circumstances. I have found distant healing sessions to be just as effective as those with the client in the room, it really does not seem to make any difference.

Alyss Thomas, Plymouth, Devon, United Kingdom

Being a Divine Plan healing student was transformational

During the past 6,5 months in which I was a Divine Plan healing student I could experience on many levels how the Emerald Heart Light started to initiate a transformational process in me and how the universe offers opportunities to learn and grow as this process unfolds. At times I experience the light very strongly and in an astonishing specificity – and I feel it work in a very direct and powerful way. I discovered in the past months as well how important and supportive it is to be connected with other Divine Plan healing students whilst walking this path. Harriët has been a wonderful and generous mentor and has clearly contributed to how my process unfolded. It feels encouraging and affirmative to know that she is there.


Divine Plan Healings: easy and illuminating rituals

It is great to have found an “easy ritual” or possibility like Divine Plan Healings to illuminate life and be able to step on a spiritual path so effectively. I’m looking forward to walk this path for the rest of my life, at least of this one :-).

Divine Plan Healer Ingo, Switzerland

Fear of Being Alone

Marcie (not her real name), had been divorced for several years, but was very keen to be in a relationship. However, she kept attracting men who weren’t right for her and had no long-term potential. It was clear that part of the problem was Marcie’s need for a relationship because she lacked faith in her ability to make life work on her own and so was looking for someone to rescue her and support her. In a Divine Plan Healing session we focussed our request for help on her Fear of Being on Her Own and continued with the normal one month course of Divine Love essence. In the follow-up appointment to discuss progress, Marcie remarked that her friends thought that they would never hear her say that she didn’t need anyone but that was indeed what she was telling them. Her Fear of Being on Her Own was gone after one session. Now, because her vibration is one of more confidence and self-sufficiency she is now attracting different relationships.”

Phil Grant, Henfield, West Sussex, United Kingdom

Cramps and paralysis left, a new job arrived

My experience as a Divine Plan Healer is that the Light opens the heart in a different way that we might think or expect. One of my clients came to me with physical complaints for which the traditional medical world could not find any solution. About every 5 weeks she experienced cramps and paralysis, merely in the left side of the body. She was very afraid of this and they always came up out of the blue. After one Divine Plan Healing the cramps and paralysis never came again.

Interesting was that when I gave the healing, my client had been looking for a job for long, but I did not know about it. A month later she told me that the day after the session she got two employment offers. I think that the session opened her heart and untied a knot so that she was able to attract a job. I got the impression that the Divine Plan Healing had helped her to leave a very difficult time in her life behind her. She told me that she got one of the jobs and was very happy to finally find luck again.

C. S., Switzerland

Fighting the World

Sally (not her real name) used to view the world cynically, expecting the worst from people and situations and becoming stressed and angry when she was proved right. It made her become insular and she began to cut herself off from the world, friends and family. Since working with the Divine Plan Healing System she feels that her perspective has been “completely transformed” so that stressful and difficult situations cease to be a problem which she never thought possible. She is much more accepting of others, no longer fighting the world and the once problematic situations and issues they don’t trouble or upset her anymore. She is much more open, giving and more tolerant as a result.

Phil Grant, Henfield, West Sussex, United Kingdom

The second attunement made my heart full and happy

Dear Harriët, thank you so much for the wonderful training about the advanced healing techniques and the attunement process. I really loved it and was able to clarify lots of questions and details. I am glad you found something positive in my intuitive intelligence. I have found a couple of individuals to do distant sessions with starting this week and am planning a Facebook page on Divine Plan Healing.

I did not feel wiped out or ungrounded from the second part of the attunement, it was very quiet and calm, I have been feeling very happy and ok since. I keep realising I am feeling full and happy in my heart! This is in itself something to feel even more happy about!

Anyway I am very grateful for your work with me, it was a wonderful and powerful experience and I appreciated the depth and strength of the attunement, the detailed attention you give to everything, and your loving care.

Love, A.

My new role gives me so much joy

I’m finding myself mentoring a German women (49) who is having a hard time, She has received 3 Divine Plan healings in the last nine months. She says she wouldn’t have been able to meet all the challenges she is meeting otherwise. Like all of us, she has to live the consequences of previous choices. Karma can be tough at times. It gives me such joy to see this lovely soul growing and learning while I’m  learning too. At great speed…

Edna, Sweden