Experiences from clients


I would have never done it

Receiving the healing has been a strange experience. I’m not accustomed to this type of thing. If it was not from my friend I would never have done it.
Actually, during the healing I had the feeling to be at the right place at the right moment. I was alone and that was just perfect. I had many thoughts, but not like the ones you can have during meditation. They seemed accurate and less rambling, they seemed to be there for a purpose. I knew something was really happening when my cat came in and instead of lying on my chest which she always does, she walked all around me and left.
Since I woke up this morning, I feel different, I feel more grounded and more self-confident. I feel connected to my intuition. I asked to be freed from my fears and I have the feeling I got what I asked which is all new.
I hope it will last, I feel so comfortable with myself, it’s a relief! Can you tell me if it will last?

It’s been a week now since I experienced the healing and I feel its effects are still there and in a process of grounding inside me, opening new response to my everyday life and relationships free from pointless fear.

Karine, France

I am just so grateful

Dear Harriët,

Thank You so much for the wondrous Distant Healing on Sunday Evening.

I am just so grateful to You for it.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

All the Best, and much Love,

Dominique, the Netherlands

No jet lag symptoms after flying from Europe to Australia

A long-distance healing from Harriet to remedy the signs and symptoms of a jet lag following a flight from Europe to Australia defied all expectations! I have done many long-distance flights all round the world, and am very familiar with the subsequent jet lags. Following this particular flight, Harriet sent a healing for my first night back in Australia. Amazingly, I slept right through the first, and all subsequent nights, and felt active and awake throughout the days. My partner, who was not with me on this trip but is also very familiar with jet lags, even commented upon how fit I was and remarked that I seemed to be in better condition than him! Needless to say, a healing with Harriet will be high on the list for my next long-distance flight.

J.F., Australia

I am more calm in my head and lead a more active life

Five weeks ago I received a Divine Plan Healing from you, the afterglow I really enjoyed. In the following week I had a beautiful dream about my deceased mother. Apart from that, my head had calmed down and I started leading a more active life. The target of the healing was ‘daring to let my life energy and life joy flow’. That has happened, isn’t that great? At the same time I have more need to be quiet and to meditate, I try to make time for that every day. Thank you again!


Smooth recovery of an operation

“Having received a Divine Plan Healing session from Harriët at a distance, for a medical procedure I had just had performed on me, I was very aware of a presence around me that seemed gentle, yet powerful. I could feel it getting in to my very core over the course of around an hour. The next day, I felt a considerable shift in general well-being and renewed inner energy and I am sure that the healing greatly assisted in what otherwise would not have been such a smooth recovery.”

Iain Balmain, Devon, United Kingdom

A weight has been lifted off my shoulders

I was surprised at myself for taking the step to reach out to you. I can’t believe how effective your Divine Plan Healing is. Harriët, you are truly amazing. I feel alive again and happy! I wonder why it was so difficult to be positive and in this state on my own. It’s like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I am astonished at my sudden lack of irritation and anger. So many bad things are happening – I am a victim of credit card fraud, sewer water leaking in te apartment, etc. But somehow I am so calm! I had one somewhat revealing dream, and many bad things occurring with the landlord, and I don’t feel emotionally affected by any of it. What did you do to me? Anyway, thank you so much.’

N., New York, USA

Confidence in myself

Two months ago I had a Divine Plan Healing to gain self-confidence and have faith in my future. Now I feel much more clarity about who I am and in which direction I want to move. I also had a lot of fights with my younger sisters. Our father passed away many years ago and they still want me to be their father while they are in their twenties. To my own surprise I was able to tell them that I am not their father and cannot carry the burden of all the problems they create for themselves. The day after I thought: ‘Was this hard to tell? No it wasn’t!’ I can stand for my truth and my life now and it is much easier than I thought.

M., Amsterdam, the Netherlands

I now know who I am and what I want

The first week I felt heavy in my head each time I took the Divine Love essence drops. Fortunately, that passed. Now, 5 weeks after my Divine Plan healing, I notice that I am more calm and don’t worry anymore. I’ve also become more aware of myself. I know more who I am and what I want. This even lead to a big conflict with my partner. Because I was always doubting and never cut the knot, the target of my healing was ‘coming into contact with my feelings and make choices from that place’. When that started to happen, my girl-friend didn’t know what was happening 🙂

A., Amsterdam, the Netherlands

The disappeared writers’ block

I had an enormous blockage around writing. I wanted to chance my consciousness around writing into enjoying the whole process of it, including publishing, and took a Divine Plan Healing for this, from Harriët. My next article was less hard to write than usual. Later I felt real joy to start writing for my blog. Now I even feel excited about the freedom that I can write about anything I choose, as I found that maybe I might want to write about many different things.

Yvonne Hrdy, Germany

My aching heart received a crystalline rose

During the Divine Plan Healing my heart started to hurt terribly. The guides then placed a large crystalline white rose in my heart. So special, because a rose like that stands for the Light of Christ. The pain stopped immediately. I also smelled a scent 3 times that I didn’t know. It was a fleeting whiff, very light, different, not penetrating. It didn’t resemble ‘the Balm of God, the scent of Archangel Raphael, which I often smell. And also not that of Marie and Jeshua. Later that day I visited the Botanical Gardens and smelled a lotus flower. It was that scent that I had smelled!

My healing’s target was ‘letting go of drama’. I went into a deep relaxed state of being and received the words ‘There is no drama. There exists no drama’. And that is of course how it is – we create our own drama. And you know, Harriët, when I woke up from the healing and saw you sitting there, I noticed that you have Mary’s soul vibration.

A.S., Amsterdam, the Netherlands

The pain in my shoulder and arm is gone

I had a painful right shoulder and arm for quite a while and thought I’d try a Divine Plan Healing of you, to see whether I could get rid of the pain and discomfort. Muscles were affected, the joint, tendons, nerves, etc. The healing process unfolded noticeably over more than 4 weeks in which the Light worked on layer after layer in a very gentle, subtle yet quite tangible way. There was a phase in the end where the nerves became worse. My arm and hand regularly became numb, went ‘asleep’. But this disappeared after 4.5 weeks. So: it’s all gone now 🙂


Yvonne Hrdy, Germany

The golden light came from Jesus

Harriët, when you spoke with us, even before you gave the Divine Plan group healing, I saw a golden beam entering your heart from behind your body. It reached us through your heart. I looked behind you, to see where it was coming from. There I saw a picture of Jesus on your altar. The Light was coming from that picture.

L, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

I can connect easier and more natural than before

Dear Harriët, thank you again so much for the wonderful healing yesterday, it was GREAT!! I still feel much lighter, and more ‘pure’ too. And I had a very beautiful day,.. of course, the weather was quite helpful in that respect ! Everything was so nice ! I also noticed, that my contact with all the people I encountered, was MUCH easier, & natural, than before. Wow. That´s something. Really it means a lot to me.

R.D., Amsterdam, the Netherlands