Experiences from Reiki healers


I thought there couldn’t be
anything more powerful than Reiki

Dearest Harriët,

I enjoyed your article about the differences of Reiki and Divine Plan Healing. I would agree from my experiences of working with both the Emerald Heart essences and a Light Program that there are significant differences.

When I first was attuned to Reiki it was a truly wonderful and humbling experience and I went on to work with Reiki to both heal myself and clients who came. I discovered that being the channel for healing to take place is a path not for the faint hearted, with it came a personal responsibility as we are dealing not only with physical aspect but something so beautiful which is the “soul aspect” of our clients! This was something that moved me so deeply. It’s was an amazing journey of self-discovery and healing, also I felt humbled to a channel for the Reiki energy. I thought at that stage that there couldn’t be anything more powerful to work with. However as time went on there was issues I found that Reiki was unable to get to, which I felt where the deeper issues buried in the heart. I then heard and read about David Ashworth’s work and the Emerald Heart Light and I knew I had found something that could touch the deeper issues.

To me the Emerald Heart Light is the “purest of pure”, it just can’t be described with words! With the support of your colleague Emerald Heart Practitioner Tim, who is an beautiful teacher I used Emerald Heart essences and the Light Program. I am growing and connecting to levels and depths of consciousness I never thought possible. And this journey is ongoing.

And now I am here and making the choice to do the Divine Plan Healing Training. Why? Because my heart is drawing me to it and telling me it’s the next stage for me. It is my time, so Harriët I am reaching out to you and asking for your assistance to make this a reality.

Much Love,

Loraine Mitchell, United Kingdom