What is the history of the
Divine Plan Healing System?

The healing paradigm for the 21st century

Not so long ago, on 22 October 2013, Lynne Shaw (Reiki Master, at that time Elder of the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment, born in England) received the Divine Plan Healing System from Mary Magdalene. The fact that this is so recent, indicates that this way of healing is meant for this era of fast transformation and human evolution. By way of comparison: Reiki was received and developed around 1920. Reiki has served us well and now humanity is allowed to transform further and faster with the help of the Divine Plan Healing System.
Lynne Shaw, the ‘birth mother’ of the Divine Plan Healing System
Lynne had already trained for years with the British spiritual leader David Ashworth before the Source considered her ripe enough to receive such a large gift. David Ashworth is the original channel for the five-dimensional Emerald Heart Light and received this Light in January 2005. He seeded it into the heart of Mother Earth. Subsequently he trained numerous Emerald Heart Practitioners, like Lynne Shaw and the Dutch Harriët Kroon. During a moving ceremony in 2014 David transferred both his Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment and all his abilities with the Light to his Elders, including Harriët and Lynne.
David Ashworth anchored the Emerald Heart Light into the earth realm


In August 2014 Lynne received the impulse to transfer the Divine Plan Healing System to her colleague Harriët, who is a successful healer, Reiki Master and at that time also an Elder of the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment. Lynne awaited a new life task and wanted to be disengaged for that purpose. From August 2014 to September 2020  Harriët Kroon was the heart of this unique and transformational Healing System. In the role of the Nourishing Mother she developed the 3 different levels of training. Harriët teaches the Divine Plan worldwide, offers attunements and gives private (remote) healing sessions. She also does this in English and offers all her remote work with online video like Skype and Zoom (live).

By working with the Divine Plan Healing System at such a profound level, Harriët’s heart developed to such a point that she was able to bring forth The Mary Magdalene Light. This is a pure feminine, spiritual Light that helps women and men alike to discover and embrace their feminine qualities. Bringing this new Light into the world has become Harriët’s new life mission. Therefore she forwarded the Divine Plan Healing System and the School to Alexandra Meyn.

Harriët Kroon was the second Heart of The Divine Plan Healing System

At the end of September 2020, Harriët handed over her role as the Heart of the Divine Plan Healings System to her colleague Alexandra Meyn. As a successful coach and instructor in the field of ThetaHealing, she offers personal sessions and seminars on site and online. In addition, she has been training Emerald Heart Practitioners for years and gives initiations as part of the Divine Plan Healing training. The work with this incomparable and modern healing system brought Alexandra into such a deep personal development that her own Divine Plan could become clear and with it her life task as the new Heart of the Divine Plan Healing System and Head of the School.

Alexandra Meyn is the current Heart of The Divine Plan Healing System and Head of the School.