How does a Divine Plan Healing benefit me?

The name Divine Plan Healing already holds the answer. These healings bring you into contact with what you planned to do here on earth, before you were born. You therefore gain and regain more insight into your own plan, from a divine level. Divine Plan Healings align you with your personal Divine Plan, your individual blueprint.


Step into your blueprint, on your path and into your power


How does that work? Each time you feel unbalanced or need support, you can get your life back into flow by giving yourself (or receiving) a Divine Plan Healing. This Healing System has been gifted from The Source:

  • to help you grow through all your challenges,
  • to support you in your personal development, and
  • to find your life purpose and your path.

Examples of healing targets

For literally everything you need help with you can do a Divine Plan Healing. To give you an impression of the most common healing targets:

Letting go of persistent habits, worries, all kinds of negative thoughts and beliefs;

Obtain clarity about existential questions;

Dealing with emotions (e.g. letting go of a fear, dealing with rage or overwhelming sadness);

Supporting the body, like during a heavy recovery period after an operation, or to obtain clarity about the cause of a chronic illness;

Get more self-confidence;

Developing your spiritual side and qualities, and the relation with ‘the invisible’ and deepen the Divine Consciousness;

If you would like to receive a healing, but don’t have a specific target, you can of course always receive a healing for the higher good – The Emerald Heart Light does know what you need at the moment.