THow do Divine Plan Healings work?

The Divine Plan Healing System uses the Emerald Heart Light. This is an extremely high form of energy and consciousness (unconditional love) from The Source. It doesn’t come any more pure.

With Divine Plan Healing you work in the Fifth Dimension, this is the highest level where all is one. There exists no deeper form of healing. You will not find anything more modern and up to date.

How does the Emerald Heart Light work?

The 5-dimensional Emerald Heart Light serves the personal development of humanity. It works gently but with a tremendous focus. The Emerald Heart Light opens your heart and shows you your truth. This way it brings you into contact with your talents, gifts and passions but also why you are on earth. In addition, it helps you to let go of all that is holding you back from your growth, in a gentle but effective way. Divine Plan Healings are therefore extremely suitable for personal transformation. They align you with your own Divine Plan.

How does Goddess of Light essence work?

When you take Goddess of Light essence (3 times 3 drops a day), immediately following a healing, you not only deepen your Divine Plan Healing, but you also extend it by 6 weeks. This is unique. For this reason alone this form of healing is not comparable to any other healing method.

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