The Self-Love Journey

22nd Oct. 2018 – 19th May 2019

Unconditional Self-Love is the way to attract Love, Respect and Joy in your life



♥  Do you love yourself enough?
♥  Do you love yourself unconditionally?
♥  Can you accept yourself unconditionally?

Many people struggle with deeply rooted feelings of unworthiness, low self-esteem, body-shame and even self-hatred.

Perhaps you have familiar feelings of not being ‘good enough’?

Self-love is crucial for a healthy relationship with yourself and others. If you feel unworthy to be filled with love, you will never be able to receive love, be it spiritual Divine Love or love from others. Often the belief of being not good enough is a deeply hidden aspect of ourselves that we do not recognize immediately.

Unworthiness is an important aspect of the collective consciousness of humanity. When not addressed, it forms an underestimated negative underlying current in the lives of many people, leading towards unhappiness and unfulfilling careers. In many families beliefs of being not good enough are passed on from to generation to generation. Perhaps you recognize some of the following effects of a low self-esteem: 

  • Having difficulties with setting boundaries, sometimes resulting in burnout
  • Making yourself smaller than you are.
  • Feeling insecure.
  • Being uncertain about your body, the way it functions or looks.
  • Having difficulties being confident or present in the world.

 All such issues are based on a few false assumptions about who you really are and who you have the potential to be. Now is the time to release yourself from unworthiness and grow into a healthy state of self-love.

If you are ready to take your self-love deeper and begin to truly love yourself enough, then the Mary Magdalene Magical Months are tailor-made for you.


In Seven Magical Months, the Divine Consciousness of Mary Magdalene will take you on a journey towards embracing and embodying deeper Self-Love. In ways that you could never imagine, your negative thoughts, beliefs, feelings and emotions about yourself will shift towards self-acceptance and Self-Love.

The Mary Magdalene Magical Months will take place from the 22nd of October to the 19th of May.  It is a seven month online Program that will immerse you in the gentle, mothering and nurturing Light of Mary Magdalene. It will conclude with a mini-retreat, The Magical Rebirth Weekend in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Registration closes on the 30th of September 2018

This online Journey is worldwide available, you can participate anywhere in the world.

 Harriët Kroon, founder of the Divine Plan Healing School, Mother of the Divine Plan Healing System and Channel of Mary Magdalene’s Light, will offer this unique and unprecedented online Program herself. (Find out more about Harriët below the Five Star Option.)

You will discover and experience  for yourself how Self-Love is the key to attract more love, respect and joy. During your Seven Magical Months, the outer world will inevitably respond to your inner journey and reflect love, respect and joy back to you.

Let yourself be surprised and be ready to receive!


Don’t miss out on this Unique and Exclusive Journey



The Mary Magdalene Magical Months consists of seven components which are described below.

All information on The Self-Love Journey you can find on this webpage,
but perhaps you’d like to have it as PDF-file to keep for yourself or to share with others?

1) The Pink Seed of Self-Love Attunement

Your heart will receive an attunement from Mary Magdalene through Harriët Kroon’s heart. This attunement is called the Pink Seed of Self-Love and it was gifted by Mary to Harriët to sow more Love into humanity. You will receive this nourishing attunement in an online group ritual guided by Harriët herself.

During the attunement you will receive an energetic Pink Seed of Self-Love in your heart. This seed will then start to grow by itself and flood your system with Pink Love, the Love of Mary. Little by little, you will be drenched in her Love, which overturns the power of negative beliefs. Mary’s Love transforms doubt and anguish into Love, whereby self-acceptance and self-love are easily ignited.

Mary’s Unconditional Pink Love is of such a high vibration that lower energetic vibrations, such as undermining, negative thoughts about the self will have no other option than to transform into Love. This exclusive attunement will be given via an online ritual in the comfort of your own home.


2) The Seven Mary Magdalene Essences

To support the growth and development of the Pink Seed of Self-Love in your heart, you will receive seven High Vibrational Essences. The vibrations for these essences were given by Mary to enhance the effectiveness of the attunement. Each month you will take one bottle. They are easy to use, you just take three drops in a glass of water three times a day until the bottle is finished.

First of all, you will receive the essence called The Portal. This vibration opens your sacred womb, your womb chakra*.

* Every human being, both men and women, has a womb chakra. Your womb chakra is your “creativity center”, through which you can create anything in your life and in the world. A soul with brilliant creativity, radiance and supernatural ability has a powerful, purified womb chakra. A person with an unhealthy womb chakra lacks clarity in many angles of their life and is unable to implement sustained positive change.

When The Portal essence is finished (after a month), you are ready to receive The Pink Seed of Self-Love Attunement in your heart as described above.

You will then start taking the Self-Love essence and continue with it for three months (you will receive 3 bottles). This essence opens a beautiful and magical process in yourself. First your heart will be filled with Self-Love. From there your sacred womb will be reached and filled with Self-Love. And once that is achieved, your sacred womb will create a connection with your pineal gland, to fill that up with Self-Love. The healing of the axis of the heart, womb and pineal gland is essential for aligning oneself at the deepest core level.

Once you have finished taking your three Self-Love essences, you will continue with the essence of Passion. This vibration will support you to let go of your most deeply ingrained habits of unworthiness and self-hatred. It will ignite passion for yourself, passion for life and passion for your path. You will take this essence for two months (you will receive two bottles).

For the seventh, concluding Magical Month you will get the Rebirth essence. This vibration will help you complete your journey with ease and grace towards the rebirth of the new, More Positive You!

3) The Seven Teachings

To guide you on your Self-Love Journey, each month Harriët will provide you with a Teaching by email. Each month will have a different theme.


4) The Seven online Mary Magdalene Light Circles

You will love the amazing Mary Magdalene Light Circles! These online group gatherings will take place once a month. They enable you to receive the loving and caring Light of Mary Magdalene for two full hours; to connect with Harriët and the other participants;  and to share and also ask any questions.

These Online Light Circles will meet once a month on Zoom live video (very easy, similar to Skype). You will get the opportunity to participate in seven Mary Magdalene Light Circles in total. See the dates of these group gatherings on the last page of this invitation.


5) The Seven Distant Healings

You might know that each Sunday evening Harriët offers a worldwide Divine Plan Distant Healing. Each month you may pick one Sunday evening of your choice (at 8pm in your time zone) and receive a healing in the comfort of your own home, included in the price of the course.  This makes seven healings in total!


6) The Magical Rebirth Weekend

Last but not least, we will celebrate the rebirth of the more positive, Self-Loving and Self-Accepting You in Amsterdam, the Netherlands with The Magical Rebirth Weekend. Harriët will offer this weekend herself and it will be like a mini-retreat. We will “bathe” for a full weekend in the nurturing, sweet Light of Mary Magdalene, Harriët will channel Her and also offer you various teachings. Here you will meet “your tribe” in person, the like-minded souls who journeyed with you in different countries.

The Magical Rebirth Weekend in Amsterdam will take place on 18 and 19 May 2019 and includes:

  • Two full days of teachings and more.
  • Public transport card (€22.50) for 4 days in Amsterdam, including public transport from and to Schiphol airport. You will receive this card by post before you travel to Amsterdam. This service is also available for participants who live in the Netherlands.
  • A new essence ( worth €29.15).
  • The Saturday evening meal in a restaurant (meal, 2 drinks, dessert, coffee/tea).

We are happy to help you finding a place to stay.


7) BONUS: The Eight Magical Month

With the extra essence that you will receive during the Magical Rebirth Weekend, you will get an extra month of journeying in the Light of Mary Magdalene FOR FREE! So, in fact your Self-Love Journey will take EIGHT MONTHS instead of seven!


8) OPTIONAL: Private session(s)

If you would like to receive extra, individual guidance or support from Harriët, you are welcome to take one or more private consultations. Harriët gives private sessions via online video (Skype or Zoom) at her hourly fee rate of 150.- Euro incl. 0% VAT, charged per minute).


In these Seven Magical Months you will be taken on the most profound, transformative inner journey. You may encounter some unresolved issues from the collective consciousness, your ancestral lines and/or past lives. During our online Program the Divine Consciousness of Mary Magdalene will support you continuously on your transformative journey towards more Self-Love and self-acceptance. Your own Higher Self will monitor the pace of your paradigm shift from feeling not good enough to a healthy place of Self-Love.


The world renowned spiritual teacher David Ashworth (United Kingdom) and the original channel of the Emerald Heart Light received the Pink Seed of Self-Love from Harriët in 2017. He writes:

“The lack of self-love in our world is a huge issue to the growth and development of humanity. I was fortunate to be able to experience the Pink Seed of Self-Love attunement from Harriët in 2017. It is such a gentle and loving light that passes into your heart, opening slowly like a flower. As it grows within you it continues to bathe your heart with love, whilst teaching you how to love yourself more deeply. Quite a phenomenal experience and one that seems to continue to serve you without end.”


Each individual Self-Love Journey will be different. Harriët has already witnessed amazing transformations. Examples are:

♥  No more shame about one’s true potential and talents

♥  Accepting and loving one’s body and its ways of expressing itself

♥  Being able to set healthy boundaries without hesitation

♥  Feeling at ease and in peace with oneself

♥  Feeling at ease with being present

“Earlier this year, Harriët passed on the Pink Seed of Self-Love to me which resulted in some quite transformational changes. I was first overtaken by an overwhelming anger at the restrictive effects of gender inequality on myself and women in general. After a couple of days, this morphed into an increased confidence to express and belief in myself and my potentials. Ultimately, this coincided with new professional opportunities opening up that I seized, in particular around communicating my work in print, broadcasting and social media. Overall, I have been very pleased with the attunement and would highly recommend Harriët if you consider to have this attunement yourself.”
     Janet, Australia

“I have been working with Harriët for 3 years now, I have had many health problems over the years, and searched for answers for 30 years! Harriët and the Emerald Heart/Divine Plan work has me at a stage where my health is not constantly on my mind, in a negative slant. A couple of months ago Harriët offered me a Mary Magdalene attunement, I was of course curious, so I accepted.
During the session, I went very deep and experienced the most wonderful feelings of love and peace. With the attunement came a Self-Love essence, this is a very powerful essence. Since taking this essence my life has a new flow to it, I am starting a healing practice, my health has improved markedly, I am on track to live the life I have always dreamed of!
I highly recommend this work.”
     Jeff Robinson, New Zealand


Are you ready to step into your Unconditional Self-Love?

Are you ready to experience healthy self-esteem?

Are you ready to attract Love, Respect and Joy in your life?



The Mary Magdalene Magical Months’ journey of Self-Love is a true investment in yourself. Those of you who are used to working with Harriët, know that you will receive far more than you can imagine.

Round figure: €1,125.- Euro


**  If you cannot participate in the online Mary Magdalene Light Circles AT ALL, for example because you live in a different time zone like Australia or New Zealand, you will receive €105  discount for missing all these gatherings. We cannot give a discount for missing Mary Magdalene Light Circles for other reasons.

***  If you live too far away from Amsterdam, like in New Zealand or Australia, we don’t expect you to come over for the Rebirth Weekend, although we would of course love to have you there. In this case you will receive a  €250.- Euro discount for missing the weekend.



There are more aspects to the Mary Magdalene Magical Months and they come for free!

  • An essence reading (by email) with each new essence.
  • The package and posting of your essences, wherever you are in the world.
  • Free participation in our closed and sacred Mary Magdalene Magical Month’s Facebook Group for sharing, discussing, inspiring and supporting each other.

Check out the Extra, Five-Star Treatment: seven private coaching sessions with Harriët herself for the price of six.



This FIVE-STAR Treatment is an extra option and only available for 8 people on a first come first served basis.

The extra, FIVE-STAR Treatment concerns seven private coaching sessions in Mary’s Light with Harriët herself, each of one hour. This is a unique package deal for profound personal and spiritual growth; an ideal opportunity for extra individual support and feedback.

Your seven private sessions will take place via live online video (Zoom or Skype) during the Magical Months, from November to May.

Harriët’s normal fee for seven private sessions of one hour is 7 x 150.- = 1,050.- Euro, but if you sign up for the FIVE STAR Treatment, you will get one session in Mary’s Light for free. You will receive a discount of 150.- Euro!

Regular fee                      1,125.-
Extra FIVE STAR Option 1,050.-  +
Regular total fee              2,175.-
FIVE STAR discount           150.-  –
All Inclusive FIVE STAR Fee: 2,025.- Euro

The All-Inclusive Total amount includes the Mary Magdalene Magical Months and seven private sessions of one hour.



“I was born in 1963 and live in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I studied Cultural Anthropology (MA), got another degree in Journalism, had a career as a journalist, editor and author, and then I ended up in a crisis. My breakdown became my break through, but it took years to reconnect with my soul and its longings.

Nowadays I am the principal and founder of the Divine Plan Healing School, Mother of the Divine Plan Healing System (gifted by Mary Magdalene), channel of the Light of Mary Magdalene and also a Teacher and Elder of the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment.

I serve people all over the world via online video (Skype, Zoom) or telephone by giving personal consultations, healings and healer trainings.  

My healing path led via Reiki (Master), Theta Healing and 5 years of therapist training at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing and then to The Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment. Finally I felt my soul had come home. My life’s missions are to bring the Emerald Heart Light and the Light of Mary Magdalene into the world, and to help people to step into their individual blueprint, onto their path and into their gentle power.

Websites: www.divineplanhealingschool.org & www.harrietkroon.nl
Facebook: www.facebook.com/divineplanhealing
Email: welcome@divineplanhealingschool.org


The following dates are of importance for your Self-Love Journey.

Start date first essence: 22 October 2018
The Magical Rebirth Weekend: 18 and 19 May 2019

All start dates of The Seven Magical Months
Each Magical Month has 28 days, a complete moon cycle. Each first day of a Magical Month is the start day of your new essence.
Save these dates:

1st Month 22 October
2nd Month 19 November
3rd Month 17 December
4th Month 14 January
5th Month 11 February
6th Month 11 March
7th Month 8 April


All dates of The Seven Mary Magdalene Light Circles
The online Mary Magdalene Light Circles will take place on seven Friday evenings, once each month. Each time, this will be the Friday before the start of a new Magical Month.

Save these dates:

1st Mary Magdalene Light Circle 16 November
2nd Mary Magdalene Light Circle 14 December
3rd Mary Magdalene Light Circle 11 January
4th Mary Magdalene Light Circle 8 February
5th Mary Magdalene Light Circle 8 March
6th Mary Magdalene Light Circle 5 April
7th Mary Magdalene Light Circle 3 May


All online circles will take place from 7.30pm to 9.30pm Amsterdam time.



Total fee
Your total investment of €1,125.- or €2,025 needs to be received by 1 October 2018.

Refund policy
If you cancel before the 15th of September 50% will be refunded. After the 15th of September, no refunds are possible.

Partial payments
We do accept partial payments by installment, there is a €25 fee on each installment payment. This is to cover bank transfer costs and extra accountancy time. Thank you for your understanding. If you wish to set up installments, the amounts need to be agreed in advance.


Harriët is looking forward to journeying with you
in The Mary Magdalene Magical Months! 

 Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity!

Unconditional Self-Love is the way to attract Love, Respect and Joy in your life

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Podcast The Self-Love Journey

Jack Childs interviews Harriët Kroon about The Mary Mary Magdalene Magical Months, the Self-Love Journey.

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