The Mary Magdalene Light Transmission

The Mary Magdalene Light Transmission

Tuesday 22nd December 2020    24 hours    Worldwide

We invite you to discover the healing qualities of The Mary Magdalene Light! Sign up for a focused 1 hour healing or drink in Her Light for a full 24 hours.

This is a global event so you can participate anywhere in the world.

Drink in Her Light for 24 Hours

From early morning to midnight, you can experience the healing qualities of Her Pure Light. 
You don’t need to sit still for 24 hours, your heart will drink in the Light while you live your life as usual.

Heal and boost your

The Mary Magdalene Light helps you create a stronger sense of self-worth and positive feelings about your body.

Awaken your inner
feminine power

The Mary Magdalene Light helps you embrace your feminine qualities, connect with Mother Earth and the
Divine Feminine. 

Receive nurturing,
Healing Light

The Mary Magdalene Light is the most soothing, calming, nurturing, mothering Healing Light you can imagine. 

Two options to choose from

When you register for The Mary Magdalene Light Transmission, we will ask you to select one of these two options:

1 Hour focused healing

Receive The Mary Magdalene Light for one hour. Set a specific healing intention. For example, you might ask for insight or support with a challenging situation. Or you might invite the Light to be present during your daily meditation practice. You can choose any time on the 22nd of December to receive your one-hour healing.

Exchange: €14,95     FREE

24 Hours in Her Light

Bathe in The Mary Magdalene Light for the entire day – from midnight to midnight. Uplift your heart and system and also get the benefit of a one-hour focused healing. The more time you take to develop your spiritual self, the more you’ll be able to co-create with invisible forces in the Universe and connect with your true purpose.

You get:

  • 24 hours in Her Light
  • 1 hour focused healing

Exchange: €24,95     FREE

Harriët Kroon

Channel of The Mary Magdalene Light

In the early summer of 2017 I became the channel of The Mary Magdalene Light. I was asked to bring this healing Light into the world to help humanity heal. Right now we are living in the Era of the Rise of the Divine Feminine Consciousness, which means that our feminine qualities are coming to the surface. In all genders, our feminine aspects cannot be neglected or suppressed anymore. The Mary Magdalene Light is an important aspect of the rise of the Divine Feminine Consciousness. I offer this Light Transmission for you to experience the healing qualities of this pure, feminine Light.

People’s experiences

“As I connected with the Light it was very gentle and loving like receiving a hug. At first I was sitting but then was guided to lay down. Felt some resistance coming up from within me which I was being guided to let go of. I could feel my chakras being worked on. Especially the heart and the crown. As this was happening I could see colours like a deep purple and deep pink and red merging together like streams of light which was very beautiful and soothing.”

“She came in so gently, I got goosebumps all over. I could feel her light go to my heart moving up to my head. I felt so peaceful and relaxed. I saw her in a garden with flowers that went on forever. I asked her to spend Sunday with me – I dedicated my whole day to her. It has been the most beautiful day, the Love was just everywhere – I can’t find words to do this experience justice. Thank you so much.”

“I tuned into the light transmission a few times during the 24 hours and felt comforted, a nurturing love and a higher light vibration. It has really helped to shift me to a lighter vibration at a very difficult time. I was waking up feeling glum every day and I no longer feel that low.”

The energy came in softly. It circled around and went to my throat chakra. In the beginning it was very intense and healing tears fell. As it progressed the energy in my throat became much lighter. At first there was a beat which became fluttering. It felt like a butterfly inside gently flapping its wings. I went to the window after the transmission finished. The sky was lit up by the moon. Around it were soft swirling white clouds. Dancing like waves. Around the moon was a blue hue with a large pink aura coming from it. I felt this transmission was all about softness. Being in the moment. Taking care of our bodies.”

Deepen your experience with Mary’s Light Essence

The essence of Mary’s Light is liquid light in a bottle. It contains the vibration of The Mary Magdalene Light.

You can take it by itself or use it to deepen your experience by six weeks when participating in The Mary Magdalene Light Transmission.

Just add three drops to a little bit of water, 3 times a day, until your bottle is finished.

Add a bottle to your cart when you purchase the Light Transmission.

Exchange: €36,95 (includes postage)

What to Expect

Each individual will respond differently to a Light Transmission and therefore we cannot predict what you will feel or experience. People often describe receiving deep insights, tingling body sensations and body temperature fluctuations. Some report important dreams or interesting coincidences. You might experience a sudden release of emotion, which means you are letting go of a blockage, and this will allow you to connect deeper with your heart and higher purpose.

How to Prepare

Once you register, check your inbox. We will email you helpful tips to plan and prepare for a successful transmission. You can receive the Light at any time that is convenient for you (or multiple times throughout the day if you select the 24-hour option).

Different Time Zones

We designed this Light Transmission in such a way that you don’t need to worry about the time zone from where it is transmitted (Amsterdam, the Netherlands). The Mary Magdalene Light will be available for you for 24 hours on 22 December, from 00.00am early morning up to 12pm midnight, YOUR LOCAL TIME, wherever you are in the world. It’s that simple.


Please do not hesitate to ask. You can reach Harriët by email.

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The Divine Plan Healing School invites you to experience…

The Mary Magdalene Light

Tuesday 22nd December 2020    24 hours    Worldwide


The Divine Plan Healing School is not aligned with any religion and open to all. We are a global school and offer tools for personal and spiritual development. This includes a simple healing method to bring you into your flow and unlock your unique life plan – the reason why you came to earth. That is the divine aspect. Connecting with who you really are – the divine and best version of yourself.

Note: If you are having deep seated mental problems like psychosis or psychological disorders, we do not recommend receiving a Light Transmission. Your well-being and health are your full responsibility and this includes the choice of taking a healing of any modality.