Frequently asked questions and answers

Why do I need an attunement to work with the Emerald Heart Light?
Part of the Divine Plan healer training is the attunement which makes it possible to work with the Emerald Heart Light. This Light (a form of energy and consciousness) comes straight from the Source and therefore has an extremely high vibration. In order to be able to work with such a high and pure frequency, you need a certain grounding. That is why you receive a specific attunement which the Light handed us.

Your heart will be connected to the core (the heart) of Mother Earth and this connection then strengthens itself over a period of 1 to 3 years. You therefore go into a grounding process and the more grounded you are, with the more Light you can work. Some people have the attunement solely to be able to ground better.

Is it possible to be trained from a distance, for example in a different country?

Yes. It’s very simple, for example via Skype or Zoom. In that case the one-day training will be split into 3 sections of around 2 hours.

All the necessities you need, like the manual and Divine Love essences to work with, you will receive well in advance through the post. The attunement also takes place via Skype or Zoom. After all, time and space don’t exist in the Fifth Dimension, and that is the dimension in which we work.

How is it possible that I don’t get exhausted from giving Divine Plan healings?

With Divine Plan healings there is no chance that the healer gets tired or even exhausted because he may give away his own energy unwittingly. A Divine Plan healer invites the Emerald Heart Light to do the healing and acts purely as a facilitator of and witness to the healing process.

Do I need to purge the space after giving a Divine Plan healing?
No. The pure and clean Emerald Heart Light does the healing and leaves the space purified. Nothing negative, heavy or dark that has been taken from the receiver stays behind. It is, in short, unnecessary to smudge or perform a different purging ritual after a session.
Can I use coffee and mint as well as Goddess of Light essence?

Yes. Goddess of Light essence is not a homeopathic remedy. You could even use the essence in addition to homeopathy, but we advise against that. Because if you do you will not be able to distinguish what has which effect.

What is the difference with Reiki?
Reiki is a ‘hands on’ healing method where you invite the universal energy from the cosmos to flow through your heart and hands. Divine Plan healing is a system with which you receive healings directly from the Source, without using your hands as a channel. With that it is the next step after Reiki.

By means of a special attunement you learn to work with the Emerald Heart Light, which is pure love and intelligence from the Source. Because a Divine Plan healing does not go through you as a channel, you cannot get drained or exhausted from it. You can also not accidently pick up or transfer dark energies from or to the receiver. And purging the space is also not necessary after a healing: The Emerald Heart Light is extremely pure and leaves the space completely clean. It doesn’t get better than that.

And did you know that you can deepen and extend a Divine Plan healing for 6 weeks? Download an extensive overview of the biggest differences between Reiki and the Divine Plan Healing System.

Why is it not strange to make contact yourself for a training date?

Most people who register, suddenly feel and know very clearly that they want to do the Divine Plan healer training. No matter who you approach, your request will be honoured immediately. Your heart is after all the guide in your life, and if it indicates that you are ready to be attuned and trained, each Divine Plan healer will take that extremely seriously.

Together you pick a date that suits you. Should there not be any other interested people to be attuned or trained that day, your teacher will give a 1 on 1 training. There are no extra charges for such a private tutorial. So, follow your heart and please make contact as soon as you’re ready to become a Divine Plan healer.

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