The 22 RAYS of The Mary Magdalene Light – 1st to 22nd December 2020


1st  – 22nd December 2020

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Special Celebration Offer
To celebrate this fourth and LAST edition of this highly valued email program, instead of €222,22 you may participate for an exchange of €49,95.

Read what’s included in The 22 RAYS program.

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Gain inner happiness and fulfilment with our easy to follow and highly rated 22-day email program
The 22 RAYS of The Mary Magdalene Light

Delivered right to your inbox
1st – 22nd December

The 22 RAYS is a unique email program designed for you to drink in The Mary Magdalene Light, the purest of pure feminine Spiritual Light.

Each morning you receive an email that delivers The Ray of The Day, one special quality of The Mary Magdalene Light. As soon as you open it, your heart will receive a boost of uplifting and healing Light!

The 22 RAYS builds over three weeks to the peak: the 24-hour Mary Magdalene Light Transmission on the 22nd of December.

What’s Included in The 22 RAYS

  • Energetic preparation (from the date that you sign up) to prepare your system to receive all benefits from this Light Program
  • 15 Minutes of daily quality time for yourself
  • 22 Spiritual Teachings sent daily by email from 1-22 December
  • 22 Rays of Light, one per day in a five minute Light Transmission
  • 24 Hour participation in The Mary Magdalene Light Transmission on the 22nd of December, includes a 1 hour focused healing (remote)
  • Access to a private, sacred and secret Facebook Group for connecting and sharing with other participants (optional)

Mary's Light EssenceExtra option: essence bottle
Consider adding a bottle of Mary’s Light Essence. This essence will enhance the overall effect of The 22 RAYS. Its key notes are soothing, calming, nurturing, mothering. You are invited to start taking these drops on the first day of our Program. The intake is easy: just add 3 drops to a little bit of water, three times a day, until your bottle is empty.


The Mary Magdalene ScarfDiscounted offer: Gorgeous Mary Magdalene Scarf
Exceptional scarf with images that transmit The Mary Magdalene Light, to uplift you at any time. With the vibrant Flower of Life background you’ve got an eye-catching ‘must-have’ for all seasons.

A pleasure to wear
Our elegant, exclusive scarf is a blend of 70% cotton and 30% silk to provide a light and luxuriant touch. Its transparency captures The Mary Magdalene Light, wrapping you in Her Rays. The vibrant colours are visible on both sides, exuding love.

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