The Mary Magdalene Light Transmission – Tuesday 22nd December


22nd December

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Discover the healing qualities of The Mary Magdalene Light! Sign up for a focused 1-hour healing or drink in Her Light for a full 24 hours.

The Mary Magdalene Light helps you embrace your feminine qualities, and connect with Mother Earth and the Divine Feminine Consciousness. Once you register, check your inbox for helpful tips to get the most out of your experience.

Healing Essences - Marys LightDeepen and prolong your Light Transmission experience by six weeks
Consider adding a bottle of Mary’s Light Essence to your order. This bottled essence contains the vibration of The Mary Magdalene Light, the purest feminine aspect of the Source. Not to be compared with essential oils, it has no scent and is not for diffusion. You drink it to deeply infuse your whole system with its benefits. Take three tiny drops, three times a day, in a little water: when you get up in the morning, half way through your day and when you go to bed at night. Once your bottle is finished, the vibration will keep on working for another two weeks. In total you will receive six weeks of healing and personal evolution around your healing target. Excellent value for money!

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Pay what you feel

1 Hour Focused Healing €0,00, 24 Hours in Her Light €0,00, 1 Hour Focused Healing €14,95, 24 Hours in Her Light €24,95

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